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Hi Everybody,

I have a 2009 Civic with folding side mirrors. Not long ago I started to have problem with the drivers side mirror. I could hear the motor working but it couldn't open or fold the mirror. It sounded like a mechanical failure, like something was broken inside. I was able to "help" it with my hands to reach the position and it would seat in place and the motor would stop attempting to rotate it. Didn't had the patience to handle it so just avoided using the folding option.
Few days ago the motor has started to constantly work while the car is started, no matter what I do. I think this might also have an impact on the electrical system because the lighting in my dashboard and console seems somewhat deemed (improves a bit when I turn of the headlights). Also, sometimes in the mornings the starter is a bit on the slow side.

1. What could be the problem and how can I solve it ? I asked in two places and they claim the have to replace the entire unit and cannot fix it - very costly !
2. Is there a way I can disable the mirror folding motor for the meantime until I get around to fix it ? A fuse to pull out or something ? I'm afraid I will find myself with an empty battery, or even worse, a dead one I'll have to replace.

Thanks in advance !
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