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just a general comment, but one that I think is worth making :)

Many, MANY years ago, I read a book 'Wheels' by Arthur Hailey

Back Cover blurb:
In Wheels, one of his greatest bestsellers, he exposes the supercharged world of the American car industry. From the grime and crime of a Detroit assembly line, through top-secret design studios to executive boardrooms and bedrooms, Arthur Hailey gives us the true heart of motor metropolis, its men and women, their lives, ambitions, treacheries, successes, disasters and loves...

Available on Amazon (and, I'm sure, elsewhere!)

Basically, it's a fictional (nut based on real life) story about the American car industry, but looks at everything from the car on the drawing board, to rolling off the production line.

Ok, so it's a bit out of date now, with robots left right and centre, but a lot of it possibly still rings true...

One bit that always stuck in my mind:
New worker joins the production line. His job - to bolt the driver's seat in. The guy he is replacing shows him the ropes. Power driver. Check. Bolts. Check. This is where they go. Check. Go for it. And wanders off.
New guy thinks it looks easy - cars are hardly moving on the line...
5 mins later, he's sweating - he can barely get the 3 bolts in before the car has gone too far for the power driver to reach...
25 mins later, into the swing of it - easy - sussed!
Then he notices the 4th bolt hole...

Big book - definately worth the 99p people are charging - and gives an insight into why it is we might ending up with one or two lemons :(
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