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For Sale, Wanted, Freebie & Trading Rules.

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For Sale, Wanted, Freebie & Trading Rules.


Any parts MUST be removed from the car before photographing and selling. You MUST include a photo of the actual item you are selling (no brochure photos), the more the better. Sellers with multiple items MUST list them in separate threads. For wheels there MUST be a photo of each wheel, off the car. For items with clips there should be photos including front and back showing the condition of the clips. Any known damage must be declared, eg: broken clips, peeling paint. Include the condition of the item, and if appropriate the packaging. Please include postage costs or if the item is Pick Up Only.

You MUST provide a price when posting your thread. Any negotiations on the price must be entered on the thread. Only once a price is agreed in the thread can the conversation be moved to Private Messaging.
You may not list an item that is available for sale elsewhere at auction, like eBay. This is because anyone trying to buy your item here will have to wait until the auction has ended, and then may not get the item. Likewise while a deal is being negotiated here the item may sell elsewhere. The only exception to this rule is Cars - which may be advertised here (in the Cars for Sale section) in addition other car sale websites such as Autotrader and Pistonheads (please post in your thread when your car has been sold or traded in). If your items here are not selling and you wish to advertise them elsewhere - simply PM a moderator or preferably 'Report' the first sale post and he will close your thread for you. You may not advertise links to your own auctions held elsewhere. Civinfo.com has no affiliation with any of the Facebook pages bearing, or resembling, the same name so is considered "elsewhere". Any items reported to Moderators for sale "elsewhere" will be deleted from the site.

Free Items
Free Items follow all the same rules as items for sale with a price, just put FREE in the advert and £0 in the option on the thread.

The buyer must pay in full within 24 hours and the seller should despatch with 2 working days of being paid. This may be waived by agreement of both parties in advance, but this is strongly not recommended.
PayPal Gift, Bank Transfers, High Street vouchers and similar demands are at the Buyers own risk as these payments are not protected and we suggest you do not pay that way. As a buyer if you wish to pay the PayPal Fees at your end then there are online calculators to allow you work out that cost.

Thread Approval
All adverts are moderated for approval prior to going live on the forum. Only Mods and the thread starter can see them. Any advert not meeting the rules will be narrated on by a moderator and the poster given 24 hours to meet requirements. After 24 hours if the thread has not been corrected the advert shall be deleted.

Business Users
Commercial Vendors shall contact Verticalscope and follow their rules in becoming a Commercial Seller. Any commercial sellers posting in the For Sale sections shall have their posts deleted and issued a warning, further breaches will result in a ban, no warning given.

Member Traders

Prohibited Items
This forum is only open for buying and selling legal items, that you own and are yours to sell, or you are buying for yourself, and are ready for posting/collection without delay upon completion of the sale. Items prohibited from sale include (but are not limited to): Pirated material such as copied games, DVDs or any storage media containing same, OEM software (e.g. MS Windows) which is intended to be sold installed on a computer, Stock belonging to a business, Alcohol, Animals and Wildlife Products, Counterfeit Currency and Stamps, Counterfeit Items (this includes copies of any design clearly owned by another entity), Credit Cards, Drugs and Drug paraphernalia, Firearms and Ammunition, Fireworks, Tickets (except "car event" tickets which are allowed on the condition they are sold at no more than face value), Lockpicking Devices, Lottery Tickets, Mailing Lists and Personal Information, Multi-level Marketing, Pyramid, Matrix and Trading Schemes, Offensive Material, Prescription Drugs and Materials, Recalled Items, Shares and Securities, Stolen Items, Surveillance Equipment, Tobacco and Tobacco Products, Travel Vouchers, Unlocking Software.

All trading is done at your own risk. Verticalscope, it's administrator or moderators, will take no responsibility for any deals which take place on the Forum. Verticalscope, its administrators and moderators have not evaluated the suitability of the information provided via these "For Sale" items, and inclusion of an item does not constitute the endorsement of any item presented on this page. The information presented is provided by the web site administrator "as is" and without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, including (but not limited to) any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for any particular purpose, or non-infringement. While the information provided is believed to be accurate as presented, it may include errors or inaccuracies. The buyer is responsible in evaluating item(s) and negotiating a purchase agreement with the seller. Verticalscope, it's administrators or moderators will not be a part of said negotiations nor in any purchase arrangements between buyer and seller. If there are any problems, Verticalscope, its administrators or moderators may at their own discretion attempt to offer assistance to resolve a problem. Do not continue with a transaction until both parties have swapped real names, phone numbers and addresses. As with any internet transactions, you can yourself reduce the risk of trading, by for example, picking up the item yourself and paying cash in person, asking for detailed photographs to be published in the thread and observing our recommendations of international shipments and Paypal gifts. All For Sale and Wanted threads will be reviewed after three months. If there are no replies or updates from the seller within that time it will be assumed the thread has received no interest and it will be archived. If the item is still wanted or on offer please PM a moderator and the thread will be re-opened.

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