For sale 4 x 16" OEM Honda light alloy wheels 5 x 114.3. with old winter tires Dunlop . Balanced and ready to mount. Only to be fetched at my home, no shipping. These wheels are painted with a kind of "Plasti dip", a kind of plastic foil paint, that can be removed with a blow dryer. I still have a rest in a can, that will also be provided. Since the place is in The Netherlands, I guess, this will be an offer for mainly Dutchmen, or someone from elsewhere knows someone from here. :) The wheels need some refurbishment. The tires are old and maybe not wise to drive around to much (around town?), though profile is still 6, 6.5 and 7mm. Size 205x55x16 Wheels were last used in 2019
For asking price or to be negotiated.
According to a Honda knowledgable friend of mine, there were once Accord wheels.