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Am getting a very spongy brake on our 'R' so wondering what options are available on StopTech and pads please ? Thanks.
Hi there,

This thread has the Stoptech products listed;


But if you're experiencing a spongey pedal, It may be down to the rubber brake lines rather than pad compund and discs. There's nothing wrong with changing the discs and pads but to get the best feel i would think about swapping out the standard brake lines for braided ones which will make the pedal much sharper and give you more confidence and greater stopping power.

We stock the goodridge 6 line kit at £175.00 and they are great quality. As well as Stoptech pads and discs we keep in EBC Reds which are good for fast road use and Yellows which are a bit harder, for occasional track use.

I hope this helps, let me know if I can help with anything else, or if you'd like to order anything.

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