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I've built up a little list of problems since I've had this car... I might be being a little over the top but I plan on having it a while so want to get it sorted, then again they could be big issues that NEED sorted asap.

  • loud bang/pop front front left when reversing down my drive in full lock
  • squeel when setting off in first at low speed, around the biting point only
  • VSA / traction control kicking in too early, it is kicking in when going round a corner at fairly low speeds (around 40) when the car isnt slipping at all
  • set off today in full lock forward, it was vibrating and rough as if i had a flat front left wheel but i didnt. sorted it self out 100m down the road
Some of these may be related but then may not, I'm hoping some of you knowledgeable folk can shed some light.

Thanks in advance
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