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Hi! I was wondering does anyone have close up photographs of the front indicator socket as I will be fitting my new V3 Tritons when I get them which should be in a Months time considering Her Majesty s Customs will salivate over them for about 3.5 weeks before kindly releasing them to me with taxes applied of course..

Advice are the front indicators BA15S, 1156 please advise have I got that correct?

So I was looking for a heads up on two fronts how do you get at these pesky skitters and what is the fitting like and socket, as it rains here constantly I am too lazy to do a before I fit investigatory analysis of the front end indicator socket and fitting.

I know and have see something along the lines of it looks to be semi square if I remember rightly, so looks like this V3 Triton will be glued into position on the front end. I will take the front wheel of my motor vehicle and pull that trim off after carefully removing all the screws and fittings.

I have done the rear end all V3 Tritons using T10 Cree 7w for the reverse and A T20 Cree 5W for the single fog light.

Any advice would be welcome but please anyone with photographs of the indicator socket, and how do you pull the trim off what screws and or tabs are there.

Thanks in advance.. P.S. The V3 Tritons are fantastic bulbs really bright I'm more than happy with them, that's why I'm doing the front indicators as compared to my V3's the front stock indicators look pretty crappy now..
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