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ok, my drivers side is definetly sitting lower than the passenger side.
I am also getting a knock from the drivers front wheel when going over uneven ground e.g yellow box junctions and where the top layer of tarmac has come away.
The car otherwise handles ok.
I have replace the drop link myself a few weeks back and this hasnt resolved anything
local garage did a quick check over and couldnt see any thing wrong behind the wheels.
so I am thinking it is the shocker.
What other symptoms are there for defective shockers? What can I do to prove it is this without forking out ££££
And if I put Konis on the front only would that be ok?
Koni Sport Adjustable Rear Shock Absorber for Honda - larkspeed.com
Seems for a few quid more I can upgrade to these

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Check for leaks. With defective shocks, the car may well bounce (even more so than normal) over poor surfaces, and your braking distances will increase.

You could also try the rebound test (shouldn't bounce when you push down on one corner of the car - not very scientific or reliable, tbh).

I personally wouldn't put Konis only on the front, it may well unbalance the handling...
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