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Long story, bought the car in Jan 2014, thought I'd do the right thing by it, so took it to a Honda approved service and repair centre for them to replace the trim. They subsequently damaged the wing and then denied all knowledge of it, now a 50/50 story of who is telling the truth. The wing is now two different colours - looks like they buffered it to within an inch of its life! I have no detailed 'before' photos, so I doubt it will ever be resolved. I think I will always take detailed close-up photos of my car before it goes into any garage from now on.

So, in the meantime while 'Motor Codes' spring into action i started to look at my options.

Does anyone have any experience of sourcing parts in specific colours from breakers yards or spare parts companies please?

If so who did you use?
Will a wing replacement be easy enough for my usual garage to carry out etc? (Why did I ever go anywhere else?)

2009 Honda Civic 2.2 i-CDTi SE 5door
I need a front drivers side wing - Crystal Black Pearl: NH731P

Any help or thoughts on this would be much appreciated. Gutted about the whole situation, but hopeful there is a decent way out.


P.S. I'm new, so if this is in the wrong place, tell me and I'll delete it and re-post in the appropriate thread.
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