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I attempted to paint my rear callipers red to match the fronts.

Bought the paint, wire brush heads for my drill and started to tackle taking off the excess surface rust.
After around 30 mins i knew that i was never going to get the sliders or the callipers to the finish that i wanted so i stopped.

Sand blasting them was the only option.

I bought a second hand pair of rear callipers so that i can get these sand blasted and power coated, i am going to get the standard front callipers done at the same time as i will be putting the car back to standard whenever i sell it.

Yodel seem to have lost the callipers at the moment so this has delayed me dropping them off to the refurb shop.

I have also bought a full rebuild kit for the front and back callipers and sliders.
The front pistons didnt look great when i removed them from the car.

What i am hoping to get done over the summer is,

Braided brake lines fitted.
New front discs (warped one at present which is very annoying under heavy braking)
Oil filter relocation kit to make life easier when changing the oil.
I hate when i open the filter that all the oil runs down over the drive shafts etc.

4 new tyres. Have the good year AS3's on at present but i want to try the Michelan pilot sport 4's

I am toying with the idea of putting a cat back exhaust on the car also as i think the car deserves a bit of noise (",)
From watching a few youtube clips, the Invdia exhaust is top of my list, but value for money seems to be the Miltek

A Tegiwa manifold and a remap of the FlashPro would be the cherry on the cake but this would be a long way off
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