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I've bought from CPL Racing the following parts for my FN2:
- a Full Set Eibach Rear Shims: https://www.cplracing.co.uk/products/full-set-eibach-rear-shims-honda-civic-type-r-fn2-2007-2011
- and Eibach Front Camber Bolts: https://www.cplracing.co.uk/products/eibach-front-camber-bolts-honda-civic-type-r-ep3-ep2-fn2-dc5

On top of course, separately I've bought Eibach springs and absorbers (front and rear).

With all these parts I went to my mechanic and telling him that at the end I want to rich the standard FRSU setup:
"1 degree neg camber all round
2mm toe in at rear
1mm toe out at front"

Anyway, after the work has been done, the printout and final result looks as below - of course, I will translate as well:

Front axle:
- Front/Left camber: -1°07’
- Front/Right camber: -1°02’
- Front/Left toe: 0°00’
- Front/Right toe: 0°01’


Rear axle:
- Rear/Left camber: -1°09’
- Rear/Right camber: -0°43’
- Rear /Left toe: 0°14’
- Rear /Right toe: 0°18’


Could you let me know whether these final settings are closed enough or are still faraway comparing with a standard FRSU setup?

To me, at the first sight, what I see out of the range is "Rear/Right camber: -0°43’ ".

Do you think that I should go back and ask for some adjustments?

Thank you.

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They look ok to me.Less aggressive overall than mine though.Noticed the romanian words.Cant always get both sides with the same degrees but i think could be closer on the camber.
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