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Hi Everyone
been following for a while now, the car is coming along nicely current setup:
Mugen air box and feed pipe
RRC inlet manifold with thermal gasket
RRC crank pulley (mine was shot so thought why not and the original belt fits!)
4-2-1 race header
2.5" single exit custom exhaust
Compbrake 4 pot caliper upgrade
front fogs removed and scoops fitted
carbon fuel cap and door handles
pro race 1.2 18" alloys
Tein springs
TDI Ecutek remap.

I`m upgrading to the TTS shaft drive supercharger kit very shortly, going to do the install myself everything looks straight forward but cant find definitive instructions for replacing the fuel pump as in location and procedure, some say its in the boot some under the center console
could someone please help me out.
by the way the Mugen air box and scoop will be coming up for sale if anyone is interested, Ive still got the original box for it, also the FD2 intake pipe which is modified for the FN2 running the FD2 TB will be up for grabs as well.
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