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Hi all,

We bring to you our latest Funk Motorsport product.

Funk Motorsport’s Funk Cool Gold Reflective Heat Sleeving has been developed to withstand direct heat of up to 250°Cand reflect away 80% of all radiant heat. Made using market leading materials, this shroud is designed to easily slip over cables and lines in situe, without the need for the removal.

Our Gold Reflective Heat Sleeving is specifically designed for high temperature applications and helps to protect vital lines and signal cables whilst sustaining the presentation of the engine bay.

As it is clear to see, this gold sleeving looks fantastic on all applications.


0.5m x 15mm (Diameter) - £17.50
0.5m x 30mm (Diameter) - £34.00

Postage Charge £3.

For any questions or to place an order on this great new product, reply below or drop us a PM.

Steve @ Funk
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