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Hi all,

I'll apologise in advance as I'm sure there are hundreds of threads on here asking what I'm asking...

I'm currently working in India and due back soon, I was tempted to upgrade to the new type R but have decided to stick with my 08 2.2 cdti until next year and make a few improvements.

The first thing I want to hit is the ICE. Would anyone be so kind as to suggest what they think is the easiest/best option for iPhone connectivity to the car? Not fussed about price here.

Also just before I left someone slammed into the side of the car and I got stuck with a 50/50 insurance claim (furious wasn't the word!!). The cars been fixed whilst I've been in India but also would like to get a dashcam stuck in ASAP really.

Any other improvements you guys have made that you think worthwhile, feel free to list also. FYI it's a 08 2.2cdti sport in red.

Ta :cool:
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