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I was looking for these instructions on the forum and couldn't find them :facepalm:
So, after using the Google machine for a while I found these :popcorn2: and thought I would share them.

I cannot attach the files :scream1: So I have inserted a link to the page.

Link to the Honda Accessories page: http://www.honda-access.com/268/en/intro.jsp

Search using keywords "Honda HFT Bluetooth Kit"
And then select "Honda HFT Bluetooth" from the returned search results

Manuals found:
  • Pairing.
  • User Guide.
  • Compatible Phone List.

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i have my ip 4s paired. when people call me it just says CALL . does it not show up telephone number display ?>

sat in a leon FR 2007 and you can set it to pair phone book , miss calls , last dial calls , accepted calls = essentially 4 sets of phonebooks. from there you can use up /down arrow keys to select the name of the contact to dial back out to .

i know my late 2007 civic ex honda i need to spell out the telephone number which is not ideal as i do not know my contact number off by heart.
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