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I bought my Civic three weeks ago, it's an 07 1.8 i-Shift with 70K miles by two owners and a full service history.
I have had the Civic for three weeks now and have become accustomed to the i-Shift gearbox. In town work or slow traffic I let the Automatic function take over but otherwise I use the central lever for upward gear changes and let the box take care of the downward changes unless I plan to overtake something or need extra performance. Why don't I use the paddles on the steering wheel, because the central lever is always in the same place whereas the paddles might not be. I also think that the fuel consumption might be better changing up manually because the flexible engine will cope with sixth gear at 40mph whereas the Auto function will change up at higher speeds.
I enquired of my local Honda dealer whether the i-Shift software updates hade been done and they consulted the Honda central records and confirmed that they were all up to date.
Very pleased with the car so far.

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