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Well after 5 years of owning our 2.2 EX and 75k miles it was time to say goodbye to our beloved Civic. The car was sold yesterday and I'm happy to say that the new owner has signed up to the forum. The car was brilliant apart from the little niggles but never ever let us down. The Civic will be greatly missed by both myself and my wife. The forum was a great place sharing information between other Civic owners. Thanks to Pottsy and all the forum members who have helped out.

It was time to move on and get something a bit more comfy so ended up getting a BMW 520SE. The new car is very nice and the ride is sooo much better than the Civic (only thing I disliked was the harsh ride on the Civic). The Civic really was waay ahead of its time in terms of all the gadgets and styling some of which the new car doesnt even have. I will try and drop in on the forum from time to time.


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