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Sold my car today. :(

Didnt want to sell it , still the best car ive ever owned and have owned it from new.

first day of ownership i pulled into get petrol, what do you know the petrol cap was on the opposite side of the car , so i had to stretch the hose across and leaning the nossle against the car..... i got my 1st (of many) tiny little scratch!! :facepalm:

anyway great forum, excellent guys and very informative . should come with a warning upon registration .... joining will make you spend cash ;)

looking at a couple of :typer:'s this weekend. the missus wants me to get something different but imo nothing (in the same price range) can match the looks of the civic , expecially the interior.

Goodbye and hopefully hello again soon...

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get a 5 door with similar to type-s spec and tell the missis its a different car and if she dont believe you show her the honda website where they list them as 2 models;)

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Get an R they are the best all round sports hatch!! lots are better in certain areas but for all round experience its a no brainier!!
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