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Hi Group, my name is Simon (RedDevilSi) and I`m a newbie to this forum.
Just registered as I`ve just taken delivery of a Type S 2.2GT on the 27th of December. Just clocked up 650 miles now on it. Can I give it a caning now?

Blueish/Silver metallic paint with the GT pack and Std. 17" wheels.

I`m impressed with the handling and the low down grunt of the engine.
I`ve been reading the threads about the power potential of this sweet 2.2.
I quite fancy 190Bhp and 325lb/ft and scare the daylights out of these hot hatch posers!!!

Look forward to chatting to fellow members and maybe attending one of their Honda Meets....

Si :)

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Be welcome !

That's a nice christmass present you've got !

Mine is one year old and I enjoy every moment I drive it.

Concerning the runout lokk at the wiki section for more infos !

Happy new year to you ;-)

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Hi Simon,

Welcome to the forum.

I've also a 2.2 SGT and have put almost 6,000 miles on it since new in September.

If you read the running-in threads, it seems that giving it pleanty of boot during the initial 1000 miles is actually a benefit, so don't hold back!

I had mine remapped to 192 bhp last month, and it certainly takes it to the next level, but get used to it as it is for a month or two, then you'll appreciate the upgrade even more if you do go for a remap.
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