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A little about me

Almost 3 years ago I was 10months into having a 125cc motorbike aiming to get a full licence and a bigger big, unfortunatly a taxi driver had other plans and ran me over ending that dream.

Money being tight had to buy a P reg Audi A4 as a run around, it did a great job and still going at 244000miles on the clock.

All money then got tied up in a wedding in May.

Now that is over it was time to get a car, I work hard, I treat the Mrs but now it's time for me.

Fell in love with the 8th gen Civic and now the proud owner of a Type S GT i-VTEC.

Few plans for it I'm looking into likea new stereo or adding bluetooth, the mesh grille and the i-Shift software update.

Well, thats a bit about me, alot of great info on here

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