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Grill fitted

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So first mod, decided to get the sports grill. Not really a fan of chrome was planning to spray it black or grey to match the car. Thought Id have a play around with some carbon film I had laying around from my old car.

As far as fitting goes, I managed to get the clips off without taking the bumper off, and boy was that a mistake, my arms are scratched as anything now :( Managed to brake the bottom arm where the clip goes on the new grill when I was trying to lever the bottom part in. Im not really too fussed about that at the mo, as the three other clips are holding it in fine along with the 2 bolts on top so its not going anywhere.

On a side note does anyone know the paint code/colour for the skirts and trim on the facelift car? I don't think its an exact match to the Polished metal, but i think its close enough to not be bothered about colour coding etc.

The car is really dirty at the mo so will get some new ones up soon. PS I will probably be putting the 09 grill up for sale once ive cleaned it up so look out for a for sale post if interested.

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How come youve got a West Yorkshire plate?
He car was trailered down to a dealer down here mate.
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the grille changes the look 100% doesnt it glad i changed mine nice buddy
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