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Well, It seems like it's about time to introduce myself and my car. Haven't actually made a welcome thread :p

As per my profile and the forum section, I've got a 9th Gen Civic - A "1.4" (Actually 1339cc!) that I bought in 2017, right at the very end of the production run - Steering clear of the character of the early 10G models :)

The Civic was chosen for the incredibly low insurance cost - Only ~1.2K for my first year of driving at 18, living on the outskirts of London. Not bad! That's since dropped to 拢750 with 2 years NCB. - For first year comparison, the only car that could match for insurance costs was the Kia Picanto!

Since purchase, I've put about 25K miles on - It's taken me to Germany, where I've discovered the cars virtues as a camper (And that it can go 120mph - Better than the manufacturer stated 114! >:) ) as well as plenty of fun drives around the UK and Wales.

I've been very impressed with the handling and comfort from standard; Handling is very competent and confidence inspiring.

Now, being a wayward youth, I'd of course need to make a few tweaks - Even if it's already the coolest car in the college car park :)

For a list of what's done so far...

Styling & Lighting (Interior & Exterior)
  • Custom sill plates - Soon to be replaced with some illuminating items!
  • LED reversing lights
  • LED numberplate lights
  • LED Interior lights
  • LED H7 High beam
  • HID H7 Dip beam
  • Rickhondar's LED RGB footwell lights
  • PWJDM Tow hook
  • Lots of stickers!
  • KolourKoncept alcantara gear gaiter
  • Light smoke foglight protectors

  • Acuity shifter base bushings
  • Acuity shifter linkage bushings
  • Skunk2 titanium billet shift knob
  • Acuity shifter boot collar

  • Eibach pro street-s lowering springs

Infotainment & Electronics
  • Honda connect RC8 Update; Rooted for custom app installation!
  • Hardwired Blackvue Powermagic Pro + Rexing front & rear dashcam (When I can get it working!)

  • K&N Panel Filter
  • Mugen reservoir sock
  • Domo reservoir sock :)

On the list for the future?
  • Smooth and paint brake callipers
  • EBC Yellowstuff pads
  • MTEC Grooved discs
  • A GT wing >:)
  • Injen Intake kit - This is on order!
  • Rear ARB
  • Front strut brace
  • Bilstein B8 Dampers
  • LED Underglow - I've got it ready to go on - Just need to figure the how!
  • Dream splitter
  • Alcantara wheel re trim
  • Powdercoating alloys
  • Kenwood underseat sub to go under rear seats
  • Coloured wheel arches
  • Acuity throttle pedal spacer (Waiting for UK suppliers!)
  • Rear passenger window tinting (Booked!)
  • OSRAM LED fog lights
  • FK2 CTR Seats
  • Carbon bonnet
  • Powerflex bushings (Waiting for them to be released for the 9G!)

Now, That's a very big list - some things more feasible than others, but at least I've got somewhere to reference next time I've got money burning a hole in my pocket!

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Now, the gear gaiter!
Very pleased with this; Certainly adds a note of luxury to the interior and a big improvement over the cheaper poly-leather of the stock shift knob.
Full set of pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/Mm1oFTZ
Unfortunately have yet to get a picture with proper lighting; This is probably the best picture:

Only ~拢20 for a fully custom gaiter in alcantara with silver thread to match the interior. - Cheaper than the ones on dream etc, ordered from @KOLourKoncept on instagram.

Puts the finishing touches on my shifting overhaul!

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I'm thinking of changing dampers to bilsteins as well. I really should do a thread mainly for people wondering about the map I've got planned
At the moment they're on the "Maybe" list - They're quite expensive, and I'm quite happy with the outcome of the Eibach lowering springs alone.
There are a few moments that make me feel like the spring rates are a tiny bit out (Which they are, as It's OEM Dampers and lowering springs - As much as Eibach calibrate, they can't change physics!) - At the moment nothing that compromising I've thought I must change dampers.

That being said - Rob.e's mention of "GTI-esque" handling has a certain allure :)

Be careful if you do order their dampers, as IIRC, B8's are for lowering springs specifically - I think you'd need B6's.

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Turbo!!!!!!! :)
There is the supercharger kit for the l15 that could probably be adapted.

Apparently the l15 is quite a thin block, which means an l13, if just a less-bored out block would have thicker walls, which means more boost

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If this is your first car then you're spoiled:smile3:, mine was a hillman imp:crying:, was knackered when I got it, even more knackered when I sold it.

Haha mine was a Morris Marina! Haha
Driving around a traffic island the rear leaf spring snapped and the rear axle decided it could turn a better radius than the front and that was the end of the Marina haha oh the memories Not

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Another quick one today, Just in time for the Essex Honda stand at Tunerfest Brands' Hatch tommorrow - Some 20% rear window tints; Matches nicely with the factory tints on the boot; I'll have a quick compare to the factory tint on the FK2 tomorrow.

(Don't worry, a thorough cleaning session comes next :)

As a little aside, I was practising some long exposre photography last night and got this rather cool drive by shot. Look forward to doing some more when we get some clearer nights, hopefully some nice star-backed images.

Not bad for a first attempt!

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Crispy suspension lol, I had a bent subframe. Believe it or not ,I had two marina's, my estate was getting on a bit so I bought another for 拢10 for spares, after I rebuilt front end (wings, front panel etc) sold it with a dodgy engine to a workmate for his holidays, he done 700 miles round trip topping up the oil every stop, and it finally blew up 3 miles from home. lovely cars :crying:

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拢160 is the quote I had for passenger + rears by one shop; That being said, there's already a factory 20% Tint on the rear windows, so any extra tinting is rather pointless unless you're going for the full on 5% black abyss look.

For the back two windows, It was 拢60 locally, and that's in the South East / Near London. - I'd say that's a fair price; Only took them a little while to do.

You can get pre cut tint films to DIY, But they're ~拢40, so for the extra 拢20 May as well have someone do them properly.

I'd say they've also yielded a slight reduction in car temperature when parked in the sun, too, which is nice. I'll see how they go; I'm almost tempted to get some very light (Legal, obviously) tints for the front windows to bring down the interior temps some more.

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Nice, you got a good deal at 拢60 for the two.

Do they apply the tints below the window line, or just above? Do they remove the door card to do it? I only ask as I'd hate to have the film start to peel up from the window going up and down. I suppose it also depends on the workshop doing it.

I wouldn't dream doing my own. I can barely wrap a Christmas present without making a state of it.

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I imagine it would depend on the shop; Even the person - The one that did the left window did it without any trim removal; I think he tucked it using a squeegee or similar.

The one on the right did take the trim apart a little:- Removed the inner-side of the passenger door handle, then pried out the inner cover of the door handle; Then removed two bolts that allowed him to pop the top of the door trim loose enough to get the film in.
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