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Today I tried to unmount handbrake lever button, because it got rid of the paint.

According to our forum member guide, both 7mm bolts were unscrewed and the whole handbrake body is moving but got two issues now:

1. During disassembly the body (pulling forward) was snapped a bit in crucial spot. Since I dont want to ruin it completly, I see no chances to pull it out now.
2. Even though I managed to pull forward the lever like 2-3cm (it blocks after the pull), still the button sits there rock solid. Tried to push it with flat screwdriver with no results at all.

How to disassembly the button without braking it?
The purpose is to wrap it with 3M 1080 chrome film.

Fotos below:
https :// ibb.co / rwCJQGR
https :// ibb.co / CvXfnxG

Thank you in advance
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