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Hello, this is my first post so give me a break and if done anything wrong please let me know

I have 2017 Honda Civic SE 1.0 VTEC (the one with the non touch screen head unit) and i am looking to get a new head unit and my first thoughts was see if i can get the 7" head unit seen in higher spec cars, so contacted Honda they cant get hold of them... hmm okay whatever so i have looked else where and i can get them on ebay probably try the scrap yard first but i saw on the ebay it said it wouldn't fit in my car i thought this would be unlikely probably wrong.

So what i wanted to ask you guys and ladies

Do you think i would be able to fit HONDA CIVIC 7" TOUCH SCREEN OEM in my Civic Se Vtec?

If not does anyone recommend any aftermarket head units?
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