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Hi, I'm on the verge of buying my Dad's Silver '06 Civic SE so thought I best start finding out more about them.

This will be my daily which replaces an '89 318i and it will compliment my weekend car quite nicely. Oh, you're gonna ask anyway so I'll tell you.

Ever since my first proper car, a '96 Civic :D EG9 Vti (B16A2) I've been into my Jap cars so I ended up taking the risk with an RX-7. Yes they have their problems but what a car.

I'll post up some pics when the deal has been done but for now I'll just get reading some threads. Already thinking Type-S grille, Eibachs and Type-R wheels for starters :)

Currently living in Milton Keynes if there are any members in this area.

Drive safe ;)
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