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Hello everyone,

Two days ago I became a proud owner of a Silver Civic 2.2 Type S GT 2007. :)

I must admit I never was a car fan, usually treated it more like a tool, than a toy, but I guess it was because I never spent more than a £1500 on a car.
Until now...

This is my first big car investment - all my savings spent on it and I absolutely love it!
Changing from a Rover 620 to this Civic is like moving to a completely new dimension, that changed my point of view on cars.
I can't believe I have spent so much time yesterday and today inspecting it, cleaning, touching, feeling, driving around... like a baby enjoying a new toy :)

As I mentioned before, I never was into cars before, so I am looking forward to learn about my Civic as much as I can.
I would really appreciate if Veteran forum members could give me a few links to interesting threads suitable for a Civic newbie.
I will use the search and Wiki of course, but I hope maybe someone who knows this forum inside out, can point me in the right direction for starters.

Thank you.

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hello & welcome :)
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