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I'm Txuski from Basque Country in Spain and I'm forum member to www.HondaSK.es
I bought a Honda Civic 2.2 Executive in 2008 and I'm charmed.
I show you my car and I hope you result charmed as me.

At first time I say you ... my english is very poor and usually I use a google translator.
Forgive me If I put it something wrong.

The history of my Black Pearl began in 17th of May 2008.

- Panoramic glass roof.
- Aluminum pedals.
- Parking sensors.
- Dual zone climate control.
- Wheels 17 ".
- Xenon.

5th October 2008
Sticker in rear light.

20th January 2009
Foot lights.

18th June 2009
Luvivi's custom footrests.

Wheel stickers and i-CTDI stickers in doors.

31th July 2009
Motor cover and calipers painted.

8th August 2009
Momo Raptor Alcantara Azul gear knob.

15th October 2009
First detailing.

It's photoshop jejeje

20th October 2009
Acrylic plate.

4th April 2010
Ligth in trunk.

5th September 2010
Foot lights in rear side.

17th September 2010
More stickers and carbon fiber for key.

19th March 2011
Short Shifter.

Lucar's Anvidia with 12 mm thick to make more noise.

Tire Valves Anti-Theft Locking.

2nd May 2011
I remove the rubber admission
Can you see this video:


11th May 2011
Type R spoiler.

1st July 2011
Neodesign kit.

24th June 2011

21th August 2011
Second detailing.

26th August 2011
Datum1 Tow Hook in rear side.

1st September 2011
I removed discs protectors.

7th September 2011

To be continued...

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Parece que yu've estado muy ocupado! Inglés que está bien, mejor que mi español. Bienvenido a la civicinfo.

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Welcome to the forum mate!!! Good looking motor.

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Welcome along mate! Your loving the blue! Top work!

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Coche se ve muy bien, me gusta su juego, creo que las necesidades de los faldones laterales, aunque ...

Por favor, disculpe mi español, he usado traductor Google :D:p

For mods, the translation;
Car looks great, really like your kit, I think it needs side skirts though...

Please excuse my Spanish, I used google translate

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hola & bienvenido :)
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