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Hi, name is Justas, im originaly from Lithuania, lived in london for the past 14 years, studied IMI level 1 and 2 in car mechaincs, lack of work pushed me into the construction industry. being a member of hondacivicforum, went to few civic meets, and everybody is telling me to get on to this forum as the other one is not as active,
First car Honda prelude 2.2i 4ws, sold
second car grey Ek3 , write off
current car white Ek3 - insurance prices do not let me get anything above the 1.5 mark :( however the d15z6 is great on fuel and its nippy,
forst day of buying the ek went to work, a rubbish bin collecting truck destroyed my front wheel, wing and mirror, hence the 14" steels at the front, so the civic is a cat C :S well anyway, hope i will be of some help on the forum :) nice to meet you guys :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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