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Hi all,

I've joined a while ago and bought a 8th Generation Honda Civic 1.8 SE today!

I've been a Honda nutter for ages, so this will be Honda number 7 for me and Civic number 4 in my lifetime so far. We also have an Accord, which is mainly my wife's car.

I've bought this as a runaround car and it needs a bit of loving care. It's got full history and has had 12 services and is only on 72k odd miles. Had a 90 mile run in it taking it easy with a mix of 50 to 70mph and ended up getting 58mpg according to the trip, so I'm very happy. Seems to be the perfect mix of power and economy.

I made a point of avoiding the EX model as I wanted to fit my own stereo easily. I will be getting a double DIN stereo soon and a reversing camera for it.

The main thing is to keep it clean, well maintained and just to enjoy it!


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