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Hello everybody,

I just found my way into this forum, hope to meet lots of nice people and lots of usefull stuff about the Civc.

I own an milano red FN2, which I recieved on the 03/07/2007.
Number 01644
Always have been into Honda´s since the first Civic.



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Welcome !
I was a Neighbour from your lovely country, I've lived for 40 Years in Thionville ;-)

Use the wiki section, the search button as much as you can to learn most of the things you can dream about your spaceship. Don't forget to give your feelings about your dealer (in the Wiki section) once you are used to your spaceship and dealer. Mine spend at least one hour with me at the delivery to check the car and to explain me all the bits and pieces of it.
And after having driven your new ride for some times don't forget to fulfil the various surveys.

If you need specific answer to your questions, do not hesitate to create new threads, there are always lot of people ready to help !

You will see this place is the place to be if you like or if you have trouble with your car

And congratulation for your car and fidelity to the Civic !

By the way wich one did you prefer ?
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