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Hi all

Had my new civic for about 13 months now and its been a bit of a mixed bag.

Anyone else had any of the following problems?

- overheated massivly after three weeks - one breather hoses was not connected and the engine at a lot of air!
- drivers door lock jammed when outside temp was over 22c locking me in the car
- boot lock failed meaning that the boot wouldn't lock at all
- both front CV joints failed
- bump stops failed
- breaks are not very good
- and current problem is front shocks are clicking and clunking all the time
- speedo and MPG readout are wildly off

I do really like the car and enjoy driving it, but to be honest i was expecting a little more relability from it!


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for speedo correction, find a post by Pottsy and click on the link in his sig line :)

Or check out the How To section :)

being locked in the car is something which has come to light very recently, with a couple of owners reporting similar - check out the Bugs section

and welcome aboard :D
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