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Hi everyone!! Let me introduce myself!

As a regular vor to this site / forum, finally had the time to register in here and make part of this community!!
I´m a 35 five years old, from Portugal! Been a proud Honda driver since I was 22 years old, when I bought my first one! Love for japanese cars come from my father, who loved other japanese brand (Toyota). As I was young Hondas had more juvenile look, and always loved the design of them.
I had a 1990 civic ef, 1.4 90 hp, after that went to a civic eg8 1.5 lsi 90 hp, few years later a ek3 1.5 ils 114 hp ; and recently i bought a 2006 fk2, vulgar known as Civic sport, 1.8 140 hp. Always had good experiences with all my cars, hope with this one stays the same!
I´m here to try to get some help when needed, and of course to help in whatever I can!!

Cheers everyone!!!
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