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Hi i'm THP from Italy, i'm am proud owner of black 07 Type R with some mods, i really enjoy this forum 'cause is full of tricks and tips !
I work in a Honda motorcycle dealer as mechanics so i know as Honda
Hi to everybody again and excuseme for my poor english.

Wine and cooking !
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Welcome THP!

There are more and more owner of our good South Europe here ;-)

Use the wiki section, the search button as much as you can to learn most of the things you can dream about your spaceship. Don't forget to give your feelings about your dealer (in the Wiki section).
And after having driven your car for for more than a few Km don't forget to fill in the various surveys.

If you need specific answer to your questions, do not hesitate to create new threads, there are always lot of people ready to help !

You will see this place is the place to be if you like or if you have trouble with your car

Ciao !
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