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Hi guy,

My names Phil,
A brief introduction to myself, I used to work at Brayley Honda St Albans for the past 12 years, working from Apprentice to diagnostic tech then for the past 2 years workshop controller.
As most of you guys on here, i love Honda and their engines!
I have owned many ek/ep3's and a couple of ap1 S2000's in my time, I'm also just coming to the end of a B16 vtec mini build which sits nicely in the garage along side my dads S2000 powered Caterham built a few years ago.

Having left the Honda dealer network i initially set up my own mobile mechanic service and repair business, things have gone very well and i have now moved into my first garage! :D
I would like to welcome the chance to offer forum member discounts on the services i offer.
I will wait until I have spoken to forum moderators before taking this any further for now.

But for now Hi!!
Look forward to hearing from you all!

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