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Hey guys,
A few years ago I bought a head unit conversion kit from impulse car electronics for £140 and that included the facia, wiring, stock controls, cage etc...

I bought that for the type s, transplanted it to my type r but left it in the r when I traded in for an accord.

I am now looking for the same thing for my new type r.

The problem i have is when I'm on impulse, I get forwarded to hondabits and they have two options.

They have an £80 (give or take) kit and a £170 (give or take) kit.

I have no idea which one will be the same as the £140 kit that I bought a few years ago.

Anybody have any idea?

Thanks :)

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Hi bud the difference in the two kits is the dearer is genuine Honda and the cheaper is connects2 as with most things they get cheaper I paid £110 2 years ago for my connects2 kit so I'm guessing that's the one we bought can not see it going up to £170 buddy.

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