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Just bought a Pioneer AVH-3500DAB head unit for the CTS, along with the C2 Civic dash conversion kit from Hondabitz. I've got the dash and old oem head unit stripped out, and have tried to fit the cage from the Pioneer to the new facia. It won't fit!!! The cage seems to be around 1 cm too tall to fit the hole in the facia. I'm asuming this cage should fit all double din apertures? Really stuck, been back to halfrauds but they don't stock double din cages, need to order them in and they say there's 2 sizes????? Surely the dd cages will all be the same size?

What I've noticed about the Pioneer cage is that the cage has to bumps pressed into it on the top, same on the bottom, and the head unit sits on these, leaving a gap between the H/U and the cage. This means the cage is a lot taller than the head unit itself.

I've emaild Bob at Hondabitz to see if i need a specific cage to mount this in the new facia, or if its a problem with pioneer??

Any info much appreciated, as car is in bits and need it sorted asap for work!
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