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This is wrecking havoc for me and my mechanic!

Fault: MAF Sensor -- Low voltage

Hi, i have a Honda Civic MK8 diesel 2.2,. The alternator recently went on it, and I had to charge the battery to get it over to the workshop to replace the alternator. Upon starting the car after putting the charged battery in, the alternator plug caught FIRE! So I luckily saw it early and removed the plug, replaced with a new battery and managed to get it over to the workshop while it was in limp mode.

We replaced the alternator, and it threw a MAF sensor fault code. We replaced it with a new MAF sensor, and fault not clearing with the reader. So we then replaced the ECU (assuming the short from the fire went up to the ECU), and the fault is still reading MAF Sensor even after clearing the code again.

Next step to troubleshoot was to replace the whole engine wiring harness all the way up to the ECU, low and behold, the same fault is not clearing off!!

Let me tell you what we have replaced: [Fault code cleared and returned immediately after clearing with the machine]

New Alternator & battery
3x MAF Sensors
ECU - cloned and replaced
Whole engine harness replacement

All this and Its still in limp mode showing MAF sensor fault.. Please let me know if you have any advice. Its been a month without the car now and we cant think of anything else :( Love my civic cant let it go now!!

Thanks in advance Team


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When you say whole wiring harness do you mean literally all the wiring attached anywhere to the engine?

Did that include the wiring to the MAF sensor?
Have you done continuing checks on the circuits to the MAF?
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