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Hello boys and girls;)

I need 1 metre stainless steel pipe for fixing my Tegiwa catback. I need the pipe by friday at the latest but having a hard time finding a 60mm"2,36" pipe for the exhaust.

This thread has got nothing to do with Tegiwa or their products but a mistanke I made having a non professional person weld a extra silencer on the Tegiwa catback without measuring where it could go on the exhaust with the proper clearance and so on. Where it is placed it hits the undercarriage.

Now I have found a professionel and very skilled welder I used sereval times years ago and therefore I need 1 metre 60mm or 2,36" stainless steel pipe so he can remove the silencer and weld a new pipe on the exhaust on friday when he fits the rest of my parts, Tegiwa mani, Tegiwa catback, Tegiwa DIY cat kit and j35 TB.
Its easy to find 2" or 2,5" pipe but it needs to be 2,36" for best fitment and no hazzle.

So my question is do you know where I can order such a pipe and get it expressed to me by friday this week?
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