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Hi Guys,

I looked through the forum and you probably heard that 10,000 times but looks to me like it makes sense to change the standard head unit for the one with Sat Nav etc.

Here comes the problem... I'm no sure which ones I should look at and are there any particular requirements (size, cables etc.) that I have to look for.

Maybe you could tell me which ones did you use and I can have a browse around and try to find the one that will suit me best?

As to job itself I've seen lots of pics around but was wondering is there anyone around in Scotland that has done it and maybe would like to share the experience (or help me out :)) just to make sure I don't stay with a big hole in the middle of the dashboard ;)

Thanks for all the help!!!

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This was the problem I had, I didn't really want to blow 4 to 5 hundred on a head unit.
I settled for a JVC KW-AV51 which supports iPhone apps especially Waze which I've used for my sat nav for years.
Fitted it all, great head unit and cracking sound, but..........
iPhone 5 has the 8 pin lightning connector which doesn't support composite video out so I can't connect display on the phone to the head unit so no apps. Ipod connection is fine via the USB connection though.
I'm now looking to buy an iPhone 4 specifically for the car as the 32 pin old style apple connector supports composite video fine.
I've heard of similar issues with the Panasonic appRadios with the newer versions of phones not working as well.
Actually fitting it all is pretty straight forward just a bit tight trying to squeeze all the extra cable in behind the double din unit.
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