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I'm new to the forum and to Honda Civics.

I am thinking of buying Honda Civic 1.6 ivtec SE 2003. Generally the car all seems good.
However I have encountered a problem –
When I tried to get an insurance quote I was told the registration didn’t come up with any model details.
I then looked into this further and contacted Honda. They have been good and advised me that the car was built in Swindon but was intended for the export market and not the UK market.
The car has been for sale for a while from the dealer and I am worried that the reason it hasn't sold for a while is that it's best to keep well away from such models:
Any thoughts or answers to my concerns and worries noted below would be very much appreciated.
1. If I buy the car will I be buying a car which may prove difficult and more expensive to insure.
2. I’m worried also that parts may be more expensive - just as if the car had been imported to the UK!
3. Will future reselling of the car prove problematic with potential buyers being put off by the same questions I am facing.
4. I have no idea how a car intended for export lands back in the UK and if this makes the cars history harder to learn about.
5. Am I even asking the right questions or am I worrying about something which is more common than I imagine.
6. Is there anything special I should look for on the log book?
7. Am I better to steer clear and just get a UK model?

The dealer is being helpful but I feel I need more impartial information so that I can make my decision to buy or not to buy. Or at very least know the right questions to be asking etc.

I’m new to the forum and hope that someone will be able to offer me some good advice or perhaps point me in the right direction where I might get an answer.

I would be very grateful for any advice in relation to my worries. Finding out about cars exported TO the UK seems easy but cars built the UK for export that are now on sale in the UK are hard to find out about.

If you have a 1.6 Civic 2003/4 for sale which is a UK model in the South Yorks area I would be interested to hear from you also.

In advance of your reply thank you for your help with this problem.
Kind regards

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As you say you've answered your own questions.
1) yes
2) not at all
3) Yes, in exactly the same way you are stalling now.
4) Maltese or Cypriot Import,quite possibly never left the UK shores
5, 6, 7 Pretty much answered by yourself.
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