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DIY Reversing Camera/Video in

Ok, after several days of searching the web and looking at Honda's MARIS system. I think I'm a lot closer figuring out how to get the DIY Reversing Camera/Video I (http://www.civinfo.com/forum/how/7772-how-connect-video-source-navigation-system.html) working and enable a reversing camera or video source work with a 09+ Civic.

At first I thought Honda had changed the pin outs, but it seems they have not. The newer Navigation units seem to require something to be connected to each pin for it to work... i.e. if pin 1 (8v for camera) is open or ground; the video image will not be displayed. The diagram below should show what I mean....


So connecting an LED across pins 1 & 2 , directly connecting pins 2 & 7 and inputting a video source to pins 5 &4 as per the original 'How to' should fool the Navi Unit.

But, what I am stuck on is what should I connect the shield (pin 6) to?

Can anyone help with this?
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