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Hi there. Bought this car last week and it's was spot on driving it home and on vtec etc until the other night. I took the air box lid off the car (integra airbox) and when driving felt the car was holding back and vtec wasn't as sharp, felt like it was hesitant. I put the airbox lid back on to see if it cured it but to no avail. Still feels quite hesitant and not as sharp as if the car is holding back quite badly.

I decided to check the plugs on the car and found the plug holes cylinder 1&2 had a fair amount of oil round them and also the plugs when removed. I cleaned the plugs and the oil from round the plug holes and refit. This still didn't seem to fix it, in fact it seemed to be worse. Car is ok driving softly I.e not revving too hard but when attempting to accelerate hard to go onto vtec the car holds back badly, worse around the 4000/4500 rpm range just before vtec comes on.

The car has a chipped and mapped p30 ecu and supposedly ek9 cams (haven't had the rocker off to inspect) I will be doing a rocker gasket along with all other seals, oil and filter and a full spark plug service along with ht leads.

Edit. Have since changed the plugs and leads and cleaned the points and arm on the distributor.


This is how the car is running. As soon as you try to accelerate it bogs and dies

Any help please advise!

Any other help/advice would be great

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