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Hi i just bought an aftermarket unit and the connects2 full kit:

The head unit schematics are as following:

So I guess I can connect directly the DIN connector of the speakers from the connects2 to the radio (A in the image).

Now the problems I see:

  • How to connect Key1, I guess Key1 is the one I need... As this radio only has input for one Key. For this problem do I have to remove the iso adaptor from the connects2 and join all the needed wires between connects2 and the iso adaptor from the radio?
  • Pink wire coming out of connects2 (Speed pulse). I don't see in the radio schematics the corresponding pin so I guess I have to leave it disconnnected.
  • Blue wire coming out of connects2 (Amp Remote) -> To the blue wire of the radio ANT (Auto Antenna Power) ??
  • I also have a separate antena adapter in the connects2 full kit. This comes with a reuglar antenna wire and a blue wire. Where do I connect this blue wire, with the previous blue wire or with the ignition switch? ( I saw a video where this wire was connected to the red wire)
  • I also have the green wire in the radio unit, ILL (Headlight contorl line). I guess this is for dimming the screen when headlights are on. Where I can connect this wire?

Also this radio comes with a back mini jack input (Back audio input). It's functionality is not documented in the manual. Could this be for an external microphone, or is just an input for an mp3 player, mobile phone...??

Thanks in advance
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