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I have an EX and a Motorola SLVR. In my previous car I had an add-on Parrot Bluetooth kit that would auto-answer incoming calls.

If a call comes in and I press the button on the steering wheel the call is answered and the sound goes through the car speakers as I would expect.

If you are negotiating a roundabout, or otherwise busy, it may not be possible / wise to find that button within 2 rings. My wife called me last night and I didn't press the button. The phone then auto answered, and she was shouting at me out of my pocket (!!!!).

I have found the 'transfer' function on here but a) the voice recognition on my 10-day old car is rubbish (I haven't had a chance to contact the dealer about the fix yet) and b) I would prefer not to have to do that if possible.

Is there some way to set auto answer (and after a certain number of rings) on the car please?
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