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Hi everyone, long time lurker, first time poster. Just wanted to praise abp for doing the FRS on my FN2 today. First class service, very fast and very helpful. The difference is amazing, however it has come to light that in a previous life my car has been badly curbed. Even with the max rear shim the rear toe 2.5mm is above the max tolerance (it was 12mm out, the guys at abp said the pre setup readings were possibly the worst theyve ever had on an 09 FN2 all round :().

Abp said a New rear beam(?) would be the only way to truly solve it and save me the cost of regular tyres. Question is, how much would a new rear beam cost? I haven't used search as I'm not sure what exact part I actually need, be it OEM or aftermarket. Any help appreciated.

Thanks, Tim.
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