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Great site and really useful when buying.

Got my Civic a month ago. 1.8 ES NHB.

Bought on the spur of the moment, as was just about to buy another Focus.

Got 2008 used model, reg Oct 08 with less than 2 k on the clock for a ok'ish price.

Was a bit worried why the car was back on sale, but salesman's story seemed viable and as main dealer took away some concerns.

Found the dealership very profesional.

So far so good with the car, really pleased and have found myself enjoying driving again.

No bad points so far, things that would make better would be, better stereo/speakers/ reception. Wing mirrors automatic fold on engine turn off, the boot lid not drowning me when opened.

Just hope this is as reliable as my old Focus 1.6 ghia, which i owned from new for 9 years with 155 k on the clock had no major replacement parts, exception of one wheel bearing. Original clutch exhaust etc.

Will be mighty peeved if this Civic turns out to be less reliable than that.

Couple of quick questions,

Whats the strapping for in the boot where the compressor is?

The car must have previously had mats as cut outs in carpet/flooring, i got none, so how do i fix the carpets, do they come with fixings.?
Best place to get 5dr carpet mats?

Ps. From what i saw at my local garage, there may still be an issue with handbrake failure. Will post the story later.

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Hi and welcome to the Forum :D

I am sure the car will be very reliable and you will be very happy :)

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Welcome :D
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