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Hi Everybody

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Hi I'm Grayfox and I am from Australia.

I have had my new 2010 Crystal Black Civic Si for about 9 months.

And I love it.
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Welcome mate :)
It is still stock but I want to add the splitter that the Type R has, the side skirts, rear spoiler, black mesh Grill, sports fuel cap for my first lot of upgrades I also hope I can put the gray reverse light cluster from the Type R on the FK2

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Hi Gray welcome, nice looking Civic! Theres a groupbuy on at the moment for Type R parts if you see the threads.
Being in Australia will make that hard with postage and what not.

Saw the mesh grill on ebay for about 100 pound or so but postage was quite high about 220pounds.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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