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Hi People,

Quick note to say hello. Just bought a 2009 8th gen Civic 2.2 CDti ES and getting to grips with it. This is my first ever diesel as i've come from a Leon Cupra R 225. Needed a diesel as i'm doing 82 miles to and from work each day!! Cupra was averaging 34mpg, which was good for that, and Civic doing a good 58mpg on average so it'll pay for itself soon [smilie=ebil-thumbu:

Went for the Civic as it seemed a good compromise between economy and power :)

Couple of quick questions, seem to have found varying answers searching around that contradict each other so sometimes it's easier just to ask:

What brake light bulbs do i use as one is out?

Best sidelight bulbs as the ones on it are a sickly yellow, dipped beam seems ok?

I have Castrol Edge 5w/30 from my old car and i think i can use it with this one - correct?

Also have some G12 coolant, pinky purple colour, is that usable as it's an aluminium engine isn't it? Feel free to correct me if i'm wrong :)

Got a funny squeak when slowly coasting that goes away with a light press of the brake pedal but re-appears when off the brake again. I'm thinking it's the low rear pads but they're not low enough to scrape?

Not got any Tyre foam in the boot, any particular sort the best, where from etc or should i just buy a space saver?

Thanks in advance to all you knowledgeable lot, i've always found people on these forums have so much useful info to share :smile3::smile3::smile3:



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Welcome to :civinfo: Dave

Check the forum Wiki for bulb types ;)

The squeak could be a dry brake slider that just needs a clean and relube.

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Try Cox Motor Parts for the space saver and then get your local dealer to price match - worked on my FN2 CTR.

You could look at Bridgestone Driveguard runflat tyres to save the hassle - put them on my 1.8 Si with no issues, just a bit more expensive but you won't end up at the roadside trying to fart about with useless inflation kits or changing a wheel.
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