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23y old and my 3th 8gen civic now, live in wervik Belgium .
fk2 2007 1.8 executive Milano red
i watch the forum a lot for how to's .
this is my way to say thanks to all the members here that help the others for there problems and dont knows :D

on 1st of may have gone to nurburgring whit the fk2 -> see pic:popcorn2:

list already done :

-type r wing
-upgrade speaker kit ( coxmotorparts )

list to do :
-type r body kit
-type r replica grille
-type r back center panel
-clear indicators

already orderd :
GP Kit £648.46
4X Wheel Arch Protectors £339.12
2X Side Skirts £270
Exhaust Triangle Set £150
Reflectors £95
Type-R Replica Grille £159
Touch Up pen £10.25
Shipping £150

Total Cost £1821.83
all order on coxmotorparts , normaly they dont ship oversea due size of skirts en gp kit and wheel arches.
Because it was a large order they will ship it on pallet , here in Belgium @ honda dealer front gp skirt allone whas already ~£800

I have been sniffing around for those FIR TREE CLIPS that ive seen on the 5door -type r conversion for the wheel arches, even used search cant find those clips , can anyone tell me the dimensions of those clips ?

thanks in advance


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:hello2: mate & :welcome4: to :civinfo::thrasher:

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Hi and welkom!
Nice car mate!

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Hi there and welcome to the place :D
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