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Hi there friends...
I´m from Portugal, Cascais.
I´ve registed my self in April, but just now decided to initiate my journey here :)
I´ve a 1.4Civic(FK1) Sport EC (Leather Heated seats), with 35000Km.

Mods already done:
.Interior blue Lights in front, rear and headseats rest on the back seats(nice looking)
.Tinted (5%)windows behind B
.SolarPlexius in the rear lower window
.Parking sensors

It´s Beautiful but very stock...yet :)

Anubis Project
Mods to do:
. Xenon lights also fog ones (55w 6000k or 4300k H7R slim HID kit) or bi-xenon
.every interior and license lights changed
.Handledoors lights install
.GP splitters with chrome exausts and side skirts
.Type R Spoiler
.Radio 2 Dim´s, impulsecar(Connects2 LHD Fascia Complete Kit)
.rear camera
.17" wheels
.lowering spring, Complete suspension kit by koni-eibach or Eiback prokit
.SunShaders to the front windows
.Heko´s Wind deflectors all 4 doors
.day lights
.Airfilter RR-2803 and maybe (KAD)
.Exhaust collector from Remus, with double exit
.Inox door garnish maybe with light
.Inox license plate support
.would like to Install cruise control (I think its just a dream)
.3 brake light with aprox 72 led(2meters)
.Fold Side mirrors and windows with key
.Carbon 3d dashboard or chrome one
.fuel cap
.fog light smoke protectors

Please comment on these Mods (better way of doing them, prices, and tips :)
If you have sugestions on any Mod you like, feel free to post it please.

Come visit my country and bring your Spaceships to make the roads in here to look even more beautiful :D

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Hi buddy, welcome to Civinfo :)

That's a heck of a list :lol: enjoy modding your car ;)

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Hi and welcome

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welcome to the forum :wave:
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